Turtles and Ducks

Villa Tortugas surely should have tortugas (turtles). In addition to turtles, in the cenote water pond, we have ducks (patos) and dragonflies (libélulas) of various colors. Together, they have been the permanent residents of Villa Tortugas since its existence.

Most of the time, the turtles and ducks get along peacefully. The turtles enjoy sitting on the little grass island or rocks in the middle of the pond and the ducks like to wobble or swim around the pond.

Sometimes, they do fight for food. Especially when our young guests enjoy tossing the tortillas to the water and watching the turtles and ducks chasing each other for a bite.

This is a favorite area for both kids and adults.


In the west most portion of the property at Villa Tortugas, you will find two duplex and two singular buildings.

Hidden behind the dense palm trees and facing the beautiful garden and large swimming pool, these buildings have the caribbean style palapas covering their front porches.

Inside these buildings are six cabañas(also called bungalows or apartments) furnished and decorated to accommodate guests. Each cabaña has a living space of 30 square meters with high ceilings. There are two queen beds, a private bathroom with hot water shower, and a kitchenette with bar fridge, microwave, gas cooktop and cookware. For photos of the cabaña interiors, please click here.

Sleeping up to 4 adults, each cabaña is suitable for a couple, a family or a group of friends to rest after a fun day exploring the beaches, or cenotes, or the world renowned Mayan ruins. These living quarters are also liked by snowbirds to rent as their winter vacation homes.

Combined with the stone house cabañas, a large swimming pool and the beautiful tropical garden at Villa Tortugas, it is often sought by organizers for holding retreats, workshops, camps and all kinds of group programs.

We welcome you to contact us for specific accommodation arrangements.

Spring Break Time

When I saw the huge vacationer crowds in Cancun and in Playa del Carmen with noticeably larger portion of them in their 20’s to 30’s, I could not help thinkinging of the group of young and energetic people I hosted earlier on at Villa Tortugas.

Young, Intelligent and Fun

These are young professionals using their talents and skills to set up a trade show full of modern technologies. They are super intelligent and results-driven tech workers from Mexico City, ranging from new college graduates to technology & engineering managers. I had a total of 30 of them staying at Villa Tortugas.

During their five days of stay, they always worked till late night and sometimes early morning before they were bus-dropped at Villa Tortugas to sleep. Getting up and refreshed in late morning, they would take brief times to enjoy the beautiful garden, listening to the birds singing praises to them, and watching our ducks and turtles feed. Then their bus would drove them back to Barcelo to work.

In the morning before they checked out, we gave them a special coco-cutting treat to release the fun-seeking young hearts. They were all happy. Some even took a few uncut coconuts as souvenirs! Polite and easygoing, what a work hard and play hard crop. As I sent them off, my eyes started to well up. I knew I would miss them, mis jóvenes amigas y amigos.