Services and Activities

Afternoon Tea

Villa Tortugas is pleased to offer a traditional Afternoon Tea service From 1:00-4:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. Complete with finger sandwiches, scones, pastries and a delicious selection of our very own teas by the Tortuga Tea Company. Porcelain teapots and china cups blend with local flavors to create a truly memorable experience. Reservations required.

Price: $25 / Once / Per Guest


Let the tension go with a relaxing, rejuvenating massage. Sore feet from a fun-filled day of hiking? Shoulders tired from carrying the kids all day? Enjoy a full body treatment or attention to specific areas. Treat yourself with a Mat Cha tea massage or a Mayan Cacao massage. Services start at $25 for 30 minutes.

Price: $25 / Once / Per Guest


The jungle setting provides a perfect environment for mental, physical and spiritual enrichment and healing. From one hour gatherings to week-long retreats and training programs, Villa Tortuga guests and visitors alike can join yoga, taiji, qigong, meditation, and other therapeutic programs. Activities can be customized to suit all interests and levels. Groups of 5~30 people.

Price: $25 / Once / Per Guest


Whether you need a ride from/to the airport, local scenic spot or you need to rent your own vehicle, we can assist in making the arrangements. Airport pick-ups/drop-offs are available from $60 one way for a private van. Cost for transportation to or from local destinations starts from $10 depending on distance. Reservations required.

Price: $60 / Once / Per Accommodation

Special Meals

Although there’s no restaurant on-site, we do have an out-door BBQ and big banquet table. The fare and days vary so reserve your spot for these family-style feasts ranging from Pizza Night, BBQ Ribs, Taco Fiesta, Asian Dumplings, Fresh Seafood Boil, Pasta Party or whatever we feel like cooking up. Reservations required.

Price: $15 / Once / Per Guest

Tea Occasions

Villa Tortugas is unique in many ways. One is world class tea experiences; including tea ceremony demonstrations, tastings and a wealth of tea seminars. World renowned tea expert Dan Robertson (also Villa Tortugas’ owner), shares his passion and knowledge of fine tea, history and culture. Activities can be customized to suit all levels and interests.

Price: $30 / Once / Per Guest